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EHS Manager

Believer Meats

Believer Meats

Wilson, NC, USA
Posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2024

EHS Manager

  • Operations
  • Wilson, NC
  • Mid-level
  • Full-time


Believer Meats is an innovative start-up revolutionizing the food industry through the development and commercialization of cultivated meat products. Leveraging cutting-edge biotechnology, we aim to provide sustainable, ethical, and high-quality meat alternatives to consumers worldwide. As we near the completion of a new plant and prepare for commercialization, we are seeking an EHS Manager to join our team.

Summary of role and team:

The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Manager will oversee the development and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure workplace safety and compliance with environmental regulations. They will be responsible for conducting risk assessments, training employees on safety protocols, and investigating incidents to prevent future occurrences. The EHS Manager will work closely with site management to design and implement a comprehensive safety program for a new manufacturing facility.

Your day-to-day

  1. Develop and implement policies and procedures in alignment with industry practices focusing on minimizing risks and fostering a secure and healthy work environment for all employees.
  2. Establish emergency procedures and conduct drills to equip employees for unforeseen incidents ensuring swift and appropriate responses.
  3. Undertake regular inspections of all plant facilities and perform job hazard analysis. Execute strategies to alleviate the identified risks.
  4. Develop and lead safety training sessions for all levels of employees covering a wide range of topics including correct equipment usage, chemical handling, and safe work practices.
  5. Remain up to date on legislative and regulatory changes, benchmark against best practices, and support of culture of safety across the location.
  6. Complete reports as required (OSHA 300, ect.)
  7. Maintain PPE and first aid supplies on-site.
  8. Develop, lead and maintain HAZCOM and HAZMAT response team.
  9. Compile and maintain all documentation relating to environmental health and safety including OSHA Logs, training records, and incident reports.
  10. Other related duties as assigned.


The ideal candidate will have 5+ years of experience in the EHS field, preferably in the manufacturing or food industry. We are seeking an EHS Manager with demonstrated experience designing and implementing effective safety programs.

The incumbent EHS manager will have a combination of skills, education, and skills that demonstrate the ability to fulfill all aspects of this job description.

  • A Bachelor's degree in Safety Management, Occupational Health, Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Science, or similar.
  • Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Certified Environmental Professional (CEP), and/or OSHA 510 strongly preferred.
  • CPR/ AED and first aid certification (or ability to obtain).
  • Knowledge of relevant environmental, health, and safety regulations and standards (e.g., OSHA, EPA, local regulations) and the ability to ensure compliance within the organization. Knowledge of wastewater systems.
  • Strong communication skills to effectively convey safety procedures, policies, and regulations to employees at all levels of the organization. This includes the ability to provide training and education on safety practices.
  • Leadership skills to inspire and motivate teams to prioritize safety, collaborate effectively with stakeholders across departments, and foster a culture of safety and compliance within the organization.
  • Aptitude for analyzing complex situations, identifying root causes of safety issues, and implementing practical solutions to improve safety performance and prevent incidents.
  • Ability to pass pre-employment background screening and drug test (if applicable).


With or without reasonable accommodation

  • Mobility: Move around the workplace, navigating stairs and uneven surfaces, to conduct inspections, observe operations, and ensure compliance with safety protocols.
  • Manual Dexterity: Handle safety and testing equipment, conduct physical assessments, and assist in emergency situations that require physical coordination.
  • Physical Endurance: The role may sometimes require long periods of standing, walking, or being on-site during audits, inspections, or emergency responses. Physical stamina is important to effectively perform these duties.
  • Visual and Auditory Acuity: Should have sufficient visual and auditory abilities to observe workplace conditions, identify potential hazards, and communicate effectively with employees and stakeholders.
  • Lifting and Carrying: May need to lift or carry equipment and materials during inspections or emergency responses.